The Academy operates an annual full-day summer camp program which serves school-age children from 5 years to 12 years old.

The fun filled Soaring Eagles summer camp is where children want to be during July and August!  The Soaring Eagles encourage a summer filled with developing a personal relationship with Jesus, striving for academic excellence, growing spiritually, mentally, physically and socially, and of course in the sun!

We look forward to a summer as we begin accepting:

  • Enrollment applications start the last week of May. 
  • Affordable bi-weekly and monthly schedules to fit your family’s busy summer schedule.
  • Part-time rates that include all trips and fun days (Tuesday through Thursday).
  • Our Soaring Eagles enjoy a healthy breakfast and lunch provided by our staff dietician.  The Soaring Eagles have the opportunity to create their own menu to experiment with a variety of foods.
  • Weekly field trips and pool trips to cool off during the hot summer days. 
  • Children enjoy trips such as Young Chef’s Academy, ice skating, horseback riding, Philadelphia Zoo, Princeton Museum to name a few, and our annual trip to Dorney Park!
  • Christian instruction, language arts, math enrichment, and science to keep the brain fit for learning. 
  • Friendship, fellowship and fun as we engage young children to practice self-discipline, self-respect, and love of their neighbor.
  •  If an eagle is to soar, they must first bow down in order to take flight. Our Soaring Eagles are taught reverence to God, bow down in prayer, worship God, and take flight! 

Soaring Eagles summer camp, where knowledge is plentiful and learning is fun!